Imagine it is Week 12 in the National Football League season. As a fan, we can all see who will be making a push to the playoffs and who is out of the race. Both the Thursday Night and Sunday games have passed and there is one game left on the ledger to wrap up the week. And what is that match up you might ask on Monday Night Football? The 2-9 Cincinnati Bengals taking on the 10-1 New Orleans Saints. Real exciting right? NO. A far superior team taking on a bottom feeder. That is what we are going the get year after year in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. The newly implemented 7th playoff seed is a waste of time. Let me further explain.

            Yes, a team with a record of 2-9 will not be in the playoffs, but you know who will be? A mediocre 7-9 team. This new rule change is going to have major impacts on those great teams that must play an extra week thanks to the deletion of the bye for the #2 seed. This will create a few things. We as fans must waste our time watching a great team beat up on one that barely crossed the finish line. Which will result in a major advantage for the one seed and in turn make the playoffs less and less competitive. Less upsets, a long list of disparities in score, and the same story line. “If you want a real shot at a championship, you need the #1 seed and homefield advantage.”

            58% of teams to reach the Super Bowl since 1975 have been the #1 seed. That number will likely rise because it makes it even tougher for lower seeds to make a real run in the winter months.

            Quality over quantity. The NFL is doing the opposite to make more money. What a surprise. And if you are arguing more football is better, go watch college ball. They have plenty of games for you losers to watch.