First things first, yes, I am aware its Thursday…

In my defense, the world is currently in a weird place and ya girl is busy okay?

Like, who even knows what day it is these days?

Anyway back to the important things, this weeks Women Crush Wednesday blog is dedicated to all my Angels fans out there…

This week I’m crushing on Alex Curry.

Alex Curry is currently a TV Host and reporter for FOX Sports. I would say she is most known for covering the Angels, but she also covers the LA Kings, College Football and the US Women’s National Soccer Team.

I don’t remember the exact day or moment where I was first introduced to Alex Curry, but I do remember the feeling of being so excited to see a female sports reporter covering one of my favorite teams.

Although we are starting to see more and more women sports reporters these days, Alex Curry was one of the first I knew and loved.

As a young girl who loved sports and who had dreams of becoming a sports broadcaster, it was kind of a big deal.

There is not a lot of information on the internet, which I can respect, a woman deserves her privacy, but I was able to learn that Alex Curry graduated from SDSU. I also learned that she played soccer for many years and was a part of the 2006 National Championship team, which is pretty cool.

From one SoCal girl to another, thank you Alex Curry for being a bad ass sports reporter.