Normally I use this platform on Locker Room Sports to voice my opinions. That usually involves using comedy and anger to express the love I have for sports. But today I will be doing something a bit different. That is the celebration and pure joy in my heart for the return of America’s favorite pastime. Baseball is back and I could not be happier. Yes, it has been a long spring and summer months for the States and sports fans alike. No live games to cheer, agonize, or gamble on has been tough on an entire community. Sure the 2020 season will be completely different. 60 games, universal DH, expanded rosters, and the most obvious and saddening, no fans in attendance. That should not refuse all of America from celebrating the return of the greatest sport on Earth.

               Yes, many of us are still steaming from negotiations that took place over the past few months. Major League Baseball’s front office continued to prove the narrative the Commissioner and his compadres are incompetent to run this sport and have driven the league farther and farther into the ground. This on the other hand is a happy blog. When the Yankees take on the Nationals in Washington D.C. on Thursday to kick off Opening Day, let us not think about the past. Let us not worry about the future. Let us be present and observe the importance and significance of that day. Baseball is back in America after quite some time. Boy have we missed you. Whether you will be watching every pitch from Thursday’s and Friday’s games or you might be tuned into your favorite squad sweating every out, enjoy yourself. Take a minute and thank god for providing us with an escape from a ravaging virus that has affected us all in one way or another. Happy Opening Day America and Lets Go Bucs!