By Adam Aranda and Monica Zepeda

It’s that time of the year again when the weather is getting warmer and the football season is just around the corner. There’s going to be a lot of newness for the team this year and fans are ready for it. The Rams are obviously in a compete-now rebuild. 11 of the 12 Super Bowl starters are no longer on the roster. Luckily, the Rams still have Two-time defensive player of the year Aaron Donald and pro bowl cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

The 2020 NFL season schedule was released yesterday afternoon, and these two Rams fans are ready for a winning season.

Let’s jump right into the 2020 season with our week-to-week predictions:

Week 1: September 13th – vs. Cowboys 

What better way to open a season than a primetime Sunday night football game?

Adam: The Cowboys put working on the Rams last year, but this time the Rams have more weapons, and Dak Prescott may not come back. Jared Goff was great until he got paid, will the same be said about Prescott? Cowboys win, last year was bad. 

Monica: This game is always one of my favs because it puts my family at war, which is always a good time. Will Dak Prescott be on the Cowboys roster? I’m going with a Rams Win. 

Week 2: September 20th – at Philadelphia Eagles

Adam and Monica: The NFC east was such a bad division last year, and the Eagles won the division by accident. It’s been a long road since the Eagles won Super Bowl. We give the Rams a victory, but not by much. Philadelphia is a tough place to play. 

Week 3: September 27th – at Bills 

Adam and Monica: Bills are quietly becoming a very good team. With 10 wins, they were overshadowed by the New England Patriots. If this were a home game, we would pick the Rams. New York is cold and the Rams don’t fare well in cold weather. Bills win this one at home. 

Week 4: October 4th – vs Giants

Adam and Monica: The Rams are back at home against a team that hasn’t done much to their team and has been in the last place for a few years? We don’t see Daniel Jones having a big game, Saquan will probably run amuck, but that’s all. Rams win this one at home. 

Week 5 October 11th – at Redskins

Adam and Monica: Another struggling NFC east team? Who knows what it will take for them to turn it around? The Redskins won’t beat the Rams just by hoping they do. This was another team in the struggling NFC east. Rams win this one. 

Week 6: October 18th –at 49ers

Adam: Last year, the Rams went 0-2 to their division rivals San Fransisco 49ers. However, their Super Bowl loss showed true weakness and QB Jimmy Garoppolo proved he was not the force that he was expected to be. Two opportunities to take down the Niners and in 2018 they went 2-0 against them, so this year they go 1-1? That’s how it works right? Rams go 1-1

Monica: An away game against the Niners after a Super Bowl Appearance? Even though the 49ers showed true weakness in the Super Bowl last year, the momentum will still be with them. Rams lose. 

Week 7: October 26th – vs Bears

Adam and Monica: Something can be said about teams that play former coaches and that is that they usually do well. Bears are putting their faith behind Nick Foles which is a smart choice. We’re going with Rams to win. 

Week 8: November 1st – at Dolphins

Adam and Monica: This one should be a no brainer, but Miami can be impressive. They are a very young team with some very young, new talent. We aren’t saying it’s going to be an easy game, but Rams win

Week 9:  Bye Week 

Finally, a break at the perfect time. 

Week 10: November 15th – vs Seahawks

Adam: As strong as the Seahawks are at their best, they always seem to run into a roadblock against the Rams. Expect the same thing this year, the toughest match up will be on the road in Seattle. With a revamped offense and new defense, the Rams could be poised to go 2-0. We think the Rams go 1-1.

Monica: I’m with Adam on this one. I expect big things from our defense this year and Seahawks always have a tough time against the Rams. So, for this home game, Rams win. 

Week 11: November 23rd – at Buccaneers 

Adam and Monica: So, the Rams won’t see Brady in a Patriots uniform, but they will see him. Donald isn’t over the Super Bowl loss, and he is coming for Brady. This Tampa Bay team has an immense amount of talent, and Brady is the Rams kryptonite. Adding Brady to a team with Mike Evans, then adding Rob Gronkowski could be very scary, but will they mesh well? Rams lose this one in Tampa. 

Week 12: November 29th – vs 49ers

Adam: See week six, Rams should play much better this time around. Rams win. 

Monica: I’m counting on the 49ers losing their post-Super Bowl momentum by week 12.  We saw the weaknesses in that Super Bowl, and I think this season will show them even more. Rams at home? Rams win. 

Week 13: December 6th – at Cardinals

Adam and Monica: This is always an interesting matchup, but the Rams have not lost to the Cardinals under San McVay. Is this the year they finally do? We doubt it, Kyler Murray is a good QB but showed some injury concerns. When he can’t run, he is nullified. Rams win. 

Week 14: December 10th – vs Patriots 

Adam and Monica: Here we go, the matchup we’ve all been waiting for, but somethings wrong? The Patriots don’t look the same, and we’re not talking about the uniforms. It’s a shame that we won’t get to see Aaron Donald throw Brady down on the SoFi Stadium turf. It is a tough matchup, but we give the edge to the Rams. The Patriot offense has lost their future HOF QB and second year QB Jarett Stidham is going up against Donald and Jalen Ramsey. Rams win. 

Week 15:  December 20th –vs Jets

Adam and Monica: Darnold is a turnover machine. We don’t think this is a habit that can be fixed in the NFL. Rams win. 

Week 16: December 27th – at Seahawks 

Adam: See week 10. 

Monica: The Rams typically do well against the Seahawks, but this one’s tough for me. Seahawks and their fans are hard to beat on the road. Rams lose. 

Week 17: January 3rd – vs Cardinals 

Adam and Monica: See week 13, Rams win

What’s our final prediction? The Rams go 11-5 as Division Champions, or at least a wild card spot.