WOW! Just, WOW! HUGE shout out to ESPN for having the self-awareness to push this documentary forward and release it to us sports starved fans during this everlasting quarantine.

It’s Sunday night, and I’m stuck in my room in awe, after the 80s and 90s were put on display for me tonight as I just finished watching the first two episodes of “The Last Dance”, which is a 2020 documentary about the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, and like many Chicago Bulls fans in the 1990’s, I know I wasn’t the only one left wanting more.

Many people have been waiting on this documentary, directed by Jason Hehir, and it would have been a great candidate for an immediate release. If all ten episodes dropped today I’m sure the the entire world would have binged the highly anticipated Michael Jordan doc.

The first two episodes of the documentary series were amazing as they featured a ton of nuggets from Jordan’s college career, his first few years in the league, an injury and his unique relationship with his famous #2 teammate, Scottie Pippen. The other two things that were very much prevalent during the documentary but weren’t as advertised in the previews were: French berets and Jerry Krause.

Buy: French Berets

French berets took a huge jump in episodes 1 and 2. Jordan was shown often rocking a black French beret. Jordan is known for basketball, a hoop earring, shoes and now I’m adding French berets.

This week was a huge week for Michael Jordan jerseys, shoes, basketball cards, but when people zig, I zag. I had my sights set on other Jordan accessories.

Everyone knows that the Michael Jordan effect goes so much further than the hardwood. As I previously stated, Jordan has his hand in the sneaker game, apparel, jersey, trading cards and he even is the principal owner of the NBA’s own Charlotte Bobcats, but who knew the GOAT could influence me into buying a French beret?

Now while French beret stock rose like Bitcoin stock in 2017, one antagonist from the documentary saw his stock sink like the Titanic, Jerry Krause. Krause was made famous for his tenure as the Chicago Bulls General Manager from 1985-2003.

Sell: Jerry Krause

Krause was ABSOLUTELY dragged during this first two episodes, and boy was it bad. I couldn’t even put myself in his shoes. He was heavily criticized for his membership to the 5’10” and under club and was so horrifically fat-shamed. One scene in particular was brutal, because it included the star of the show, Michael Jordan, berating the hated Bulls’ General Manager, check these screen shots:

OH MY GOD, JORDAN JUST KILLED A GUY! As a member of the 5’10” and under club my self, I have to remove my cap and participate in a moment of silence for the fallen…

I’ll leave you guys a mind blowing gem from Barstool Sports, who knew Jordan was a big Oscar Wilde fan.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” -Oscar Wilde