Week 4 in the 2020 NFL Season was weird AF.

COVID decided to show up and remind us all that it’s still very much here and real.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we knew it was coming.

It was bound to happen and honestly, I’m glad it happened now rather than later.

It came early and now the NFL and the commissioner can scramble and figure out how to address. We already know they didn’t plan ahead…

Here’s to hoping they figure it out soon.

In other news, the Rams beat the Giants 17-9 this past week.

If you watched Kings of the Jungle Week Four Recap then you know that while it’s a win, I wasn’t very happy.

If you haven’t watched Kings of the Jungle, please get it together ASAP. Live-streamed every week and also available as a podcast on Spotify and Anchor.

Okay, quick plug over.

Before Sunday, I would have explained the game to a non-football fan as an “easy win.” Sorry Giants fans.

But, I would have been a liar.

It was an unimpressive game and I expected more from the Rams this week.

There were a couple of solid plays, like the Cooper Kupp 55-yard touchdown and the Darious Williams interception. But other than, not much.

The Rams will not win the tougher games coming up on their schedule and they definitely will not be a contender in the NFC West if they continue to play the way they did this past week.

I was feeling hopeful with the start of the season, even after the loss to the Bills.

The Rams are going to have to put in work this week, fix their mistakes, and prove that they deserved to be ranked the 3rd best offense in the NFL entering Week 4.

Week 5 has the Rams facing the Washington Football Team (still weird, please do better @Washington).

If the Rams play like I know they can, I’m calling a W for Week 5.