I get bored at work. A lot of us do. I get tired of the same old BS water cooler talk and you know exactly what I am talking about. “Hey Denice, how was your weekend, how are the kids, wow this pandemic is crazy just like our boss, fake laughing ensues.” It’s nonsense. So, I must find ways to entertain myself and one thing I have been enjoying lately is asking co workers if they would like to hear one of the numerous pick up lines I have come up with. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “Nick, is that really appropriate for the cubicle?” Probably not, but I’m crazy and I like pushing the envelope. So, in the light of that here are five pick up lines to use at the bar post covid to help put on the rufus. If you don’t like them or get offended, I don’t care.  

#1- “If we were in quarantine together, I wouldn’t have to go to the store because you’re the only snack I need.”

This first one is solid. Keeps the theme of a global pandemic while getting straight to the point. It is funny and not to aggressive. It sets up a great first impression because it keeps the opposite party guessing. Will they say another line or buy me a drink? We don’t know, it’s all in the fun.

#2- “The news says there isn’t much love in the world right now, so why not you and I head back to my place and make some.”

Once again keeping up with the theme of 2020. Global Pandemic, civil unrest, and the political climate. Now obviously this is more aggressive and you get right to the point and don’t waste any time. If you are deprived of doing the dirty, I suggest using this one.

#3- “I don’t need any sugar in my coffee because your smile is sweet enough for me.”

Now this line does not have a central theme. I just like it because its nice. No girl will get upset or be offended by this. I will say it is a bit safe, so you will have to work your magic after because it won’t seal the deal. You better have some charm or back up to keep this one going.

#4- “Restaurants aren’t the only thing reopening.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. This one by far is the funniest because it’s not even a pickup line. It just states the obvious being post pandemic, while also being creepy. Try it, it might work with the right gal.  

#5- “If you were a planet, you would be Saturn, because I’d put a ring on it.”

Okay, if you are going to use this line, make sure she is the one. You cannot just throw this out to anyone. Make sure you are not to inebriated while approaching because it could back fire especially if you don’t mean it.