The headline on the LRS home page currently reads “The Angels (5-11) Look Lifeless. College Football Looking to Imitate.”

And damn, is it right.

I am still hoping the Angel’s come back to life, but that’s a topic for a different blog post.

Both the Big Ten and the Pac-12 have officially announced that they are cancelling their Fall sports seasons.

While both conferences stated they are looking to play their Fall sports seasons in the Spring, I am doubtful.

I, personally, do not see this pandemic ending anytime soon and I really do not know what that means for college sports.

And regardless of your opinions on the coronavirus, player and student safety is priority. I do believe the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences did what they needed to do. However, that does not make it hurt any less.

My fellow LRS writer, Jacob, made a good point earlier today, do we even want to see Spring ball? Is it going to be the same?

I am someone who truly believes that this current pandemic we are in is going to change sports forever.

Could be for the better in some cases, could be for the worse in others.

And not to be a glass half empty kind of girl, but I am beginning to doubt that the NFL 2020 Season is going to go as planned.

And that is a real bummer.

Football is my all-time favorite. I want nothing more than the NFL season to go as planned.

As a LA Rams fan, I was excited to finally see a game in the new SoFi stadium. I was stoked to see the Rams versus Saints in the preseason with my best friend (a Saints fan). I let those dreams go months ago.

We already know that the NFL and it’s commissioner haven’t been the best at putting together COVID-19 plans…

Training camps are officially a go and it is really going to be a wait and see type of deal.

While, I will continue to hope for the best, I will also begin to prepare myself for the worst.