The MLB draft is going on today and many, including myself, were unaware. I didn’t know the draft was this week, because I am not a nerd. In all seriousness the MLB draft takes a back seat to the NFL, NBA and even NHL drafts. My opinion on why it take a back seat to the other 3 major sports is because these MLB players getting drafted aren’t going to play in the majors until 2022-2023. The human nature is programmed to want things immediately and instant.

The Angels have been famous for having a streak of bad luck due to injuries and failed free agents. Billy Eppler really showed his cajones this year in the draft by straying away from the athletic outfielder type player to drafting a top college arm that can help the Angels contend for an American League pennant. So, I want to applaud Billy Eppler, the 2020 off-season has been one for the books. It certainly seems that Eppler was given a little more wiggle room to operate this off-season and he has proven that he can handle the extra responsibility.

Lastly, I want to congratulate Reid Detmers. Detmers was previously drafted by the Braves, but he chose to stay at Louisville and develop into a top pitching prospect. Look for him to join the Angels pitching rotation as early as 2021.

So Reid, congrats my dude. You have an lifetime open invitation to come on Rocks in the Outfield. Go gettem!