I am writing this blog post after participating in a protest in my city.

I marched in solidarity with my community and the city that raised me in support of Black Lives and it was truly an honor.

I wanted to sit and write because in this moment I was humbled and I was inspired to see my community come together.

Systemic Racism is real. Change is needed. Black Lives Matter.

To Black Communities everywhere, I see you. I am with you. I will stand with you.

I have been as vocal as I can on social media, doing my best to educate myself and spread awareness while still acknowledging that I am just an ally and that I will never truly understand the issues that the Black Community has experienced.

As I reflect on this moment, I am reminded that there is a long fight ahead and that there is still people out there who don’t understand.

Yes Drew Brees, I am talking about you.

I was extremely disappointed to see this. I could not understand how even in this moment, he failed to see that it is so much greater than that. It was never about disrespecting the flag. I lost respect for this person who I once had respect for.

I have always said that if I wasn’t a Rams fan I would be a Saints fan, because I liked the team colors and I liked the QB. That changed today.

Drew Brees who has such a huge platform to make a difference. Who is supposed to be the leader of a team with many, if not the majority, Black men. Who is supposed to represent a city, that according to Google, is 59.74% African-American.

It only reminds me that we still have such a long way to go, that the fight is only beginning.

I have spent this past weekend researching and looking for information on how I can support and stand with the Black Community in this moment. I wanted to share with those who are also looking.

Places to donate too:

Minnesota Freedom Fund


George Floyd Memorial Fund


Black Visions Collective


Reclaim The Block


Know Your Rights Campaign


Campaign Zero


If you cannot donate, I encourage you to sign petitions. I also encourage you to support Black voices and Black Businesses in your community. I also encourage you to continue to educate yourself. There are resources being shared everywhere to help us learn and be better.

I promise to continue to educate myself. I promise to continue to fight alongside for change.

I am ready and willing to learn.