If you’ve followed any one of my social medias or this website, I’m going to assume that you’re aware of the main podcast that I co-host on. I started Rocks in the Outfield in January 2020, and I was eager to get started with the 2020 season and had a bunch of content lined up for the season, but obviously we all know how the 2020 MLB season has been failing to launch due to the world being on fire.

Things haven’t gone as I’ve planned, but that’s life. Starting a podcast is a tough gig and self-promoting can be very nerve racking. I often ask my self, “Who cares?”, “Am I talking about baseball enough”, “Do they want more stats?” etc. Operating, producing and recording a podcast is a part time job all in it’s self, and after a few bumps in the road with finding a producer and equipment, Rocks in the Outfield got off to a solid start.

I tried not to concern myself with numbers and stats as I knew the low numbers would be discouraging. Often I would have to remind myself that “I’m not going to be Joe Rogan overnight.” So after the solid start in the first few weeks of recording, RITOF got hit with a crazy news bomb. The MLB would suspend play until further notice due to COVID-19.

Around the 7th or so episode, I had my buddy (now co-host), Carl on as a guest of the show and with very little actual baseball news, I wanted his perspective on the Angels, the MLB and COVID-19. Carl and I were co-hosts on another sports/lifestyle podcast that fell through, and after the RITOF interview I knew the show could benefit from his personality and work ethic.

Ok, enough of the sob story, now let me put my reporter hat on.

Around the same time in March of 2020, Rocks in the Outfield partnered up with Locker Room Sports (a sports and lifestyle website) in order to promote brand awareness. The merger has been nothing but successful.

Co-hosts Max Farias and Carlos Cervantes (The RITOF boys) are coming off their 1st legitimate interview as their 15th episode featured none other than Angels legend and Fox broadcaster, Jose Mota. This interview with Jose Mota was a great sign that the RITOF boys were on the right path.

Joe Rogan wasn’t the only podcaster to have a Spring, standing at only 15 weeks old, with a listener base a little north of 50 and just getting over the heartbreak of getting rejected by Manscaped, the RITOF boys hit it’s first tier of “eliteness.” According to a source close to the podcasting duo an anonymous businessman opened negotiations with the RITOF boys to purchase 20% of the podcasting rights for an estimate of $7,000. Meaning that the likeness and rights of Rocks in the Outfield is valued at around $35,000. A source close to the team also reports that the 20% will come from Farias’ (now 41%) and Cervantes’ (now 39%) own stock. Originally stock was split up 51-49. Some other minor deals are still being hammered out.

We reached out for comment, but Farias, Cervantes and the anonymous bidder all declined.

This is a big step for the “edgy” Los Angeles Angels Baseball podcast as it is in it’s infancy stages and hasn’t been around to record during a meaningful baseball game. This growing podcast is continuing to grow as it battles wave after wave of bad news, from COVID-19, to the players and owners negotiations and the halt of the 2020 season. Many anticipate this brand to continue to grow and only get better. Hopefully when baseball comes back they can talk about baseball and not “What are the top 5 Angels beat reporters?”

Either way you spin it, this is a step in the right direction. Listen to Rocks in the Outfield on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and anywhere else you can find a podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rocks-in-the-outfield/id1493930758