Welcome back, I want to start off by apologizing to the readers, I’m sorry I came up with such an amazing headline that made you click this link. Actually, I’m not sorry, but I am very glad you are here. I think the timeline could use a great morale boost and I’m even going to send you off with a gift.

Its May, COVID-19’s still here, Minneapolis is a free for all and there are no sports on TV. The NBA is taking its sweet ass time, the NHL is giving us blue balls and the idiots over at the MLB are arguing over nickels and dimes.

I take for granted all the times I passed on watching a live sporting event just because either of the teams didn’t spark my interest enough or there was a movie I wanted to watch. I regret the fact that I didn’t take full advantage of the ESPN app to check scores, lines and over under’s on games I had placed a bet on. Not to mention betting, I miss betting so much. I would slap hundreds of dollars on a home dog right now if given the chance, but not all hope is lost.

There is one man, on twitter, currently keeping my sports fix alive and providing the timeline with the fruits of his labor via miraculous content on a daily basis.

Phil M****rf’n Hughes.

I was first introduced to Phil Hughes from his time in Major League Baseball, mainly his time with the New York Yankees. Phil drew relevance in my life once again when he began to get into trading card breaking and posting videos on his youtube account, Phil’s Pulls.

Phil opens cards that range from $100 a box to $26,000 a box on about a weekly basis, and that’s not even his most electric content. Phil is a hyper consistent guy on twitter and I appreciate the engagement he provides. Some of Phil’s tweets that I enjoy are: the almost daily pool selfie, the foodie/chef tweets, cards and last but not least, the water of the day.

The water of the day started on May 2, 2020 and it was originally tweeted as the “hydration station”, but this new waterboy took his hydration idea and has been releasing some high quality H2O ever since.

All of these look delicious, but here’s my favorite

At this point, I’d pay to see someone on twitter tell Phil that “water sucks”, just so I can see him go Captain Insane-o on some poor lost twitter soul.

Many that know me are aware of my “Charcuterie Lord” schtick and part of that originated from Phil Hughes’ “Water of the Day” series. To me, this is Phil’s most electric content and now that sports are gone and I can’t check NBA scores, I actively search twitter checking for Phil Hughes to tweet out his “Water of the Day.” My and my buddies even place bets on the amount and type of ingredients he includes.

I never won any of the “Water of the Day” bets, btw.

In all seriousness, Phil Hughes is a fun twitter follow, he provides the perspective of a former pro athlete, a peer in the card collecting community and an overall funny dude who doesn’t take twitter so seriously. That’s why Phil Hughes is the new Waterboy. So, go give him a follow.

Now, how about that baseball themed “Waterboy” sequel?