Who are the biggest losers to come out of this Covid-19 Pandemic? Sports? Entertainment? The Stock Market? No. The biggest loser must be Olympic athletes and here is why. Have you ever wondered why they are always so happy? Why is that? Is it a sense of pride when wearing the red, white, and blue while walking out during the opening ceremonies? Maybe. Perhaps it’s winning a medal? Maybe. Or is it just being elated to be a part of the Olympiad? Maybe. While you may think those are legitimate examples of why to be happy, I think otherwise. My theory is these drugged up athletes from across the world are so happy for one reason and one reason only, the Olympic Village, or what I like to call “The House of Naughty”. Before you start judging, let me explain.

If you watch the summer or winter games bi-yearly I am sure you have heard about the Olympic Village. Now if you are not familiar, this is the area in which those athletes live for the duration of the games. The events take place over a couple weeks which means most athletes have sometime on their hands before and/or after their respective appearance. What do they do with their time? Sure, probably train a bit. I am also willing to bet they watch the other sports.

But I mean come on guys and gals, if you were all bent up on steroids and had time to kill, what would you be doing? Putting the rufus (charm) on the other athletes that’s what! These five ring officials who run the games know exactly what they are doing by placing thousands of them in one confined area.

That is why they are always smiling and why they are the biggest loser to come out of the Pandemic. They have found their sanctuary but will have to wait till 2021 to experience it.