A Wednesday night showdown in Pasadena filled with hope and a chance for redemption proved to be lethal for Texas Tech Head Coach, Gus Duggerton.

UCLA held off the Gus Bus and opened the season with a huge win (1-0) over Texas Tech at the Rose Bowl via a 47-42 shoot out.

Coach Duggs and the unranked Red Raiders closed as (-1.5) favorites, as they went in to face the #18 ranked UCLA Bruins.

Duggerton is a 1st year head coach at Texas Tech after two very successful seasons at USC (Rose Bowl win) and Florida State (Fiesta Bowl win.)

But we have to address the Bruin in the room. Many are speculating that UCLA lives rent free in the head of the new Texas Tech head coach. UCLA spoiled Coach Duggerton’s National Championship hopes at USC last year in the last week of the regular season. To add insult to injury, after the Bruins defeated the Trojans, they got to enjoy watching the South Carolina Gamecocks leapfrog the Trojans and earn a National Championship bid jumping 7 spots from #9 to #2.

Fast forward to present time, Coach Gus runs out of the Rose Bowl as the UCLA student section celebrates a huge win and many students held up signs that read “We 8-Clapped your cheeks, Coach Duggs” under the Southern California sun.

The media did not hold back as many were critical of the “In-N-Out loving” Coach Duggs

And Coach Duggs was quick to clap back…

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but let me pull this quote from the Dark Knight,

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself ...

We know that Coach Duggs is a fan of the road and a very big fan of the yearly coaching carousel. Regardless of the success he has at Texas Tech, we can count on seeing Coach Duggs on the move this January.

Could we see Coach Duggs make a return to Los Angeles, not to USC to win another Rose Bowl, but a a little bit more up the road and see take the reigns over at UCLA?

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Coach Gus Duggerton Edit as a UCLA head coach.